About Us

Asia Pacific Dental Federation was officially formed in October 13, 1955 in Japan, initially with only 8 countries and some US Forces dentists to observe. In 1967, FDI (Federation DentaireInternationale) awarded the organizations its recognition as the official organization in Asia.

It has now grown its membership to 27 countries, actively working towards its organizational goal of increasing public awareness in oral and dental health; increase the level of prevention and treatment of oral diseases in this part of the globe. Daily operation of the Federation is solely handled by the Secretary-General, which at the moment, housed on the office of the Secretary-General in Singapore, employing one full time staff.

Initially, Asia Pacific Dental Federation’s congresses were not held annually but as members demanding congresses in their individual countries to play as hosts, it led to conventions being held annually.  Now, member countries even have to bid for hosting the event 3-4 years in advance.